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A recycling crisis is looming, despite innovation from names including Sioneer, Momentum, Durst and Gotham. Here's the solution.

The looming COP 21 climate conference in Paris will be a test of just how much has changed from past attempts at international coordination.

Clean energy employs more Californians than Hollywood. And if anything good comes from the drought, it's the dawning of another new industry.

The United Nations wants the world to ensure equitable education and lifelong learning for all. Companies including Coca-Cola and H&M aim to step up.

The famous brewery inadvertently got on the wrong side of workers at a local mine because of its stands against fracking.

Sensors, software analytics and distributed generation are inspiring incremental, yet profound behind-the-scenes changes to our power infrastructure.

Pets are people too, or at least that's how Americans feed them. And the excess meat and fish dogs and cats eat are a sustainability problem.

Angry citizens are taking companies to court for causing climate change. Will Big Oil go the way of Big Tobacco?

Instead of paying generators a flat rate for every kilowatt-hour, how about an output-based approach that rewards production?

Its “energy as a service” platform helps utilities add demand response, smart metering quickly without minimal upfront investment.