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See how the combined strengths of governments, businesses and non-profits are addressing some of the world’s social and environmental problems.

Hewlett Packard offers an Internet of Things platform to telcos with an energy management application they can offer utilities.

Shifting auto market dynamics and long-term incentives for driving electric are changing the definition of luxury cars.

Southeast Asia's Lower Mekong Basin provides a vivid case study on the potential economic costs of inaction on climate change.

It's one thing to know that water scarcity is a business risk. It's another thing entirely for business to act on that knowledge — something savvy companies are increasingly considering.

After trepidation about adding transportation fuels to the cap-and-trade mix, analysts say the latest carbon auction by California and Quebec could have ripple effects for companies and the economy.

The former Procter & Gamble manager believes corporate allies will help the world's largest environmental organization scale conservation programs faster.

Biomimicry in the making of a surgical glue: scientists seek the sticky, wet, and adhesive properties of worm secretions in creating a medical glue for surgery.

From energy efficiency in college stadiums to quantifying the carbon footprint of the National Hockey League, sports leagues have made big progress on sustainability. Now, it's time to shoot higher.

The predominant models for pricing electricity date back to 1961. The time has come to revisit and update that standard.