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Apple's VP of Environmental Initiatives hopes she has inspired home runs, starting with renewable energy.

There’s an epic struggle taking place between distributed energy resources and the centralized power grid.

"Tweet, tweet." Or, "Chirp, chirp?" Chocolate-covered crickets, a sneak at Apple's "spaceship" and slam poetry. Yes, this event means business.

Here's how renewable fuels, drones and the EPA's SmartWay program are all paths to efficiency and lower costs.

The word from the tweets spoke of makers and microgrids, of Big Data and biomimicry, of carbon and car-sharing.

An organic seed-saving veteran calls for involving farmers in local innovation.

Stationary battery storage is emerging as ‘phenomenal opportunity’ and a fundamental challenge.

From pedal-powered recycling to solar-powered surgery, innovative ideas are empowering low-income communities to fight environmental threats.

In preparing for climate change, many companies overlook an opportunity that offers returns beyond the environment.

Milt didn't see the market as an all-knowing force that operates without governance, and he wasn't opposed to environmental legislation.