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A conversation with 3M's sustainability leader, after 37 years of ensuring that "pollution prevention pays."

What are the traits true change-makers possess? Maybe they're not what you would expect.

The world’s power generating capacity will more than double by 2040 and most of the new electricity will be from renewable sources, predicts Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

A new rule is paving the way for more solar leases and power purchase agreements to flourish across the region.

Our reporter intern's inside account of what it's like to write about the business of sustainability when no government or financial regulations define what is or is not sustainable.

The ambitious project at New York's Lake George sets the stage for a wave of real-time metering and monitoring solutions.

To tackle big problems like the California drought, AT&T has teamed up with EDF, HydroPoint and IBM. Sponsored by AT&T.

It's time to start answering the hard questions about how renewable energy will be integrated with the grid.

Water problems are springing up in major cities around the world, forcing leaders to hammer out new strategies for supply, quality and resilience.

As free marketers like to argue, the regulatory environment can sometimes stifle innovation, including in sustainability.