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New tools could change chemical supply chains for Seagate, Boeing and Halliburton.
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Lofty international goals are great, but it will take mass coordination — and big capital outlays — to make them a reality.
A White House veteran heads to Silicon Valley, an energy giant makes a big promotion and the CSO of a major utility heads to the startup world.
A CDP poll of 2,000 publicly traded companies found that nearly half — including a majority of fossil fuel energy companies — support negotiation of a climate agreement to limit global warming.
The dream: an open approach to reporting on "people, planet and profit." What has happened since the first guidelines were released?
Company environmental, social responsibility and governance data are increasingly showing up in annual financial reports. For good reasons.
The challenges associated with sustainable supply chains are big and complex, but collaboration can help.
The brick-making industry in India is being transformed — and local environments cleaned up — by an innovation to make bricks from the fly-ash residue of coal plants.