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Recycling is the last recourse for collection programs managed by reverse logistics company Li Tong Group, which prioritizes reuse of high-value components.
A path toward sustainability also leads toward nation-building.
WBCSD's Peter Bakker says a growing number of businesses are stepping up to tackle climate change.
The market share of natural gas-fueled buses and trucks is growing, yet this trend could increase global warming unless drilling for natural gas is changed to avoid methane leaks.
The Gulf city has become the poster child for building to withstand extreme weather, climate change and social or economic shocks — but there's a long way to go.
While the risks of climate change to investments might seem obvious to sustainability advocates, the potential opportunities may be less clear.
Once an organization makes the decision to divest from fossil fuels, it is faced with a new decision: Where to transfer those funds. Here is a guide.
Although China has taken action on climate change, its military and security agencies haven't formally acknowledged the threats.
Sponsored post: Even with industry successes of recycling of plastic bottles into carpets and clothing, two-thirds of plastic bottles are sent to landfills.
Vast emerging markets offer compelling opportunities for businesses to bridge economic development and environmental sustainability.