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The storied Motor City drove itself into a ditch. Can a new mayor and a seemingly unstoppable can-do spirit become a model for how to retrofit a city as a hotbed of sustainability?

A behind-the-scenes glimpse of how investors are evaluating evolving financing options for beefing up energy performance.

The California drought yields many helpful “top 10 conservation tip” lists, but what we really need is a different way of looking at water.

On every level, from consumer demographics to supply chain to societal shifts and more, the business case is strong.

There's a natural connection between environmental stewardship and promoting good health, this Kaiser Permanente Vice President writes in her book.

Hoping to boost the cache of hybrid, EV and other low-carbon commercial vehicles, the NAFA Fleet Management Association has issued new sustainable accreditation standards.

Sullivan puts her CPA background to good use analyzing the nitty-gritty of reporting and compliance at the consulting firm and on a number of boards.

Corporate recycling and waste diversion efforts still aren't cutting it. Better understanding where waste originates and preventing it at the source could increase both profitability and sustainability.

Despite recent news that global emissions have stalled, the EPA reports that emissions in the U.S. jumped 2 percent during 2013 as the nation bounced back from the recession.

Big60Million plans to boost solar with mini-bonds, making sure locals reap the benefits of having clean energy on their doorstep.