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Its “energy as a service” platform helps utilities add demand response, smart metering quickly without minimal upfront investment.

Cutting emissions linked to short-term climate pollutants is one important component of climate action that is often overlooked.

Imagining an electric grid where energy is collected from many distributed sources and where the cost of carbon and grid efficiency are reflected in pricing.

In 1961, visionary urban theorist Jane Jacobs described the problem of architecture: “We expect too much of buildings and too little of ourselves.”

Today, many architects are rejecting architecture-as-spectacle and focusing on process rather than product. They recognize that more than just serving those who can afford their services, design can make communities more resilient.

Here are four ways architects are contributing to city resilience:

New financing options from Property Assessed Clean Energy loans make the solar craze something maybe small or medium businesses should consider. SolarCity thinks so.

Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer of the luxury jeweler, on the next frontiers for tackling the industry's notoriously unsustainable supply chain.

A range of industries, many related to energy, are increasingly reliant on oceans. But the evolving "ocean economy" needs to be managed to mitigate big risks.

A "second machine age" is transforming the way we work, live and play. Here's what we need to do to make sure our current economic systems can cope.

With healthcare budgets squeezed around the world, public and private groups will need to work together to promote well-being for all ages.

The White House announced that 13 of the biggest U.S. companies pledged $140 billion in carbon-reducing investments. But will others follow suit?