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Marc Gunther

Marc Gunther is a longtime journalist and speaker who focuses on business and sustainability. Gunther maintains a blog at You can follow him on Twitter at @marcGunther.

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  • What's wrong with this picture? Bottle bills are among the most visible environmental laws.

  • So much of the news from Africa is so discouraging that it's easy to overlook the real progress unfolding there.

  • Marks & Spencer, the British department store chain, which also operates upscale supermarkets, has a brilliant advertising campaign around sustainability issues called Plan A.

  • Wal-Mart. GE. DuPont. Starbucks. Timberland. Coke and Pepsi, Ford and GM, BP and Shell. Is there a big company in America that isn't saying all the right things about "going green"?

  • Ah, the glamorous life of a business magazine reporter. I recently spent a gloriously sunny day in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area touring a landfill, a waste-to-energy plant and a materials...

  • In 1926, Henry A. Wallace, who was then the editor of a farm journal, joined with a group of Iowa businessmen to start the Hi-Bred Corn Company.

  • Several very encouraging news developments this week.

  • Ever wonder what happens to the $3 or more per gallon we pay at the pump these days?

  • When you think about the causes of global warming, coal plants or SUVs come to mind. But deforestation generates between 20% to 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, scientists say.

  • I'm quick to applaud when companies "go green." But I've been struck lately by the fact that it takes a lot more than the greening of big business to solve our environmental problems.

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