Kicking Off a Global Work Party to Tackle Climate Change

When it comes to tackling climate change, Congress could sure use a lesson from businesses and communities across the U.S. and around the world. Over the last few years, innovative climate solutions have been springing up all across the planet.

You've read about many of those solutions right here at, from the Benedictine nuns installing solar panels on their monastery to the engineers at Tesla building the next generation of electric car.

This October 10, our international climate campaign,, is organizing the 10/10/10 Global Work Party to profile innovative climate solutions across the planet. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, people are finding ways to get to work on local solutions and a clear message to their political leaders: We're rolling up our sleeves and working on solving this problem, what are you doing?

Water bearersAt, we've got a bit of a background in doing these big days of action. Last October 24, we coordinated over 5,200 events in more than 180 countries in support of a scientific target: 350 parts per million, the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that our leading scientists deem safe for a planet "similar to that on which civilization developed and life on earth is adapted." As you may have guessed, we're well above the 350 benchmark right now. We've pumped enough pollution into the atmosphere to get CO2 concentrations up to 390 ppm, which is why Russia is on fire, Pakistan is underwater, and just about everything on Earth is melting.

Transforming 350 from a scientific data point into a global rallying cry -- one friend called it the Nike swoosh of environmental activism -- was only possible with the help of thousands of organizations, community groups, and businesses around the world.

Last year, our friends at Camelback and Patagonia donated products with information about 350 ppm and how customers could get involved in the campaign. The good folks over at Keen and NRG Systems organized rallies with their employees as part of our international day of climate action. The team at North Face made a great video with their employees and donated warm jackets and hats for a group of youth from developing countries who were attending the frigid Copenhagen climate talks in December. Our long time supporters over at Clif Bar probably summed it up best:

"As a food company, Clif Bar & Company understands that we have a responsibility to our planet and communities. That's why we are working to understand the impact of everything we do from the field to the final product-- from our commitment to organic ingredients; to engaging with people who make, package and transport our food; to partnering, supporting, and collaborating with people and organizations who share our vision. We support the climate action work of In fact, we are hosting an in house challenge during the 350 hours leading up to the International Day of Action to encourage employees to be mindful of their impacts and to make changes wherever possible— be it riding their bike to work, eating organic foods or reducing their energy use at home."

This year, for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, we want to keep highlighting the businesses that are doing the most to help get us back to that 350 ppm target. We see innovative, sustainable businesses as a key partner in this effort: it's one of the reasons we put such an emphasis on "work" for this year's campaign.

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