Serious Materials Introduces Easy-to-Install Window Retrofits

Based on measurements submitted by the customer, fully assembled iWindow panels made with SeriousGlass are shipped to the work site along with mounting tracks to hold each iWindow in place.

Installation consists of four key steps diagramed below -- (1) installing the mounting tracks in each window frame, (2) sliding the iWindow into the frame and onto the tracks, (3) screwing it in place, and (4) installing screw covers.

In the Empire State Building, Serious Materials retrofitted 6,514 double-paned, double-hung windows as part of the extensive greening project undertaken by owner Anthony Malkin, Johnson Controls and Jones Lang LaSalle in collaboration with the Clinton Climate Initiative and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

The company set up a mini-factory on a floor of the historic building, removed the windows, created super-insulated SeriousGlass units using the existing panes of glass and installed the retrofit product -- a sandwich of the original glass and advanced materials. All the work was done on site, with the most involved steps done at night to minimize work disruption for tenants.

The iWindow system shortcuts that process by several steps and makes the ones that remain easier for customers contend with, said Sullivan. "This is something as simple as popping the things in, going window by window and floor to floor," he said.

Why is the product called iWindow? As a shortcut for innovative window, apparently. Yet one can't help think the name is a sly salute to two famous game-changers -- Cupertino-based Apple, which like Sunnyvale-based Serious Materials is headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, and Microsoft.

Images courtesy of Serious Materials.