3 New Developments in the Rapid Growth of Carbon Management Tools

The nascent market for enterprise carbon & energy management (ECEM) systems keeps perking. In Forrester's recent survey of 2,700 business decision-makers in 13 countries, 8 percent reported that their company was currently using ECEM software, with another 5 percent planning implementation in the next 12 months.

That level of interest about matches up with my experience taking inquiries from Forrester clients, at clip of 1 or 2 each week, who are looking to move off of Excel and onto a true system-of-record for managing energy usage and carbon footprint.

One of the things that buyers struggle with is the sheer numbers of potential suppliers in this market. We are long way from a "Big Six" or "Final Four" set of vendors that one finds in the more mature categories of enterprise software.

Instead, buyers are confronted with 70+ suppliers, ranging from giants to start-ups, coming from different angles of attack, and with very different visions for what ECEM software is and how it will be used. Building off of my last post on this topic, there have been several new developments over the last month or so on the ECEM supplier landscape:

1. Infor buys ENXSuite

Infor is expanding its suite of enterprise applications via the acquisition of ENXSuite, which we regarded highly as an ECEM vendor. In a nutshell, Infor will add ENX's top-down approach to setting and monitoring enterprise energy policy with its long-standing customer base in enterprise asset management (EAM).

In doing so, Infor will seek to move upwards in its customer organizations from the operations and maintenance folks who are its traditional EAM buyers to the c-level execs that are the more typical buyer for ECEM systems. To do so, Infor will start immediately to forge relationships with consulting, energy services, and system integration firms.

Beyond integration with EAM, Infor is setting its sights on product lifecycle management (PLM) as the next frontier for energy & carbon monitoring; we think that emphasis is well-placed and will give Infor a headstart on the next frontier of ECEM functionality.

2. Ecomnets enters with a focus on local & state governments

Ecomnets is a small but interesting consulting and systems integration company that is entering ECEM from a position in green IT and green data center services. As such, it will offer a combined software + services capabilities, including configuration, implementation, and training.