Unilever Climbs to No. 1 in Climate Counts Ratings

Climate Counts groups companies into color-coded tiers based on scores, as the charts below show.

The brands in the highest tier are "striding" toward climate goals and are labeled in the green. The deeper the shade, the higher the score.

Firms that are just starting to address their climate impacts are marked in yellow. Companies without a climate strategy are considered "stuck"  and tagged in red.

Here's a look at this year's high-scoring brands by industry sector:

2011 Sector Leaders

  • Airlines: Southwest Airlines, 55
  • Apparel/Accessories: Nike, 85
  • Beverages - Beer: Anheuser-Busch, 57
  • Commercial Banks: Bank of America, 82
  • Consumer Shipping: UPS, 80
  • Electronics: Hewlett-Packard, 83
  • Food Products: Unilever, 88
  • Food Services: Starbucks, 70
  • Home and Office Furnishings: Herman Miller and Masco, 63
  • Hotels: Marriott, 73
  • Household Products: L'Oreal, 78
  • Internet/Software: Microsoft, 68
  • Large Appliances: AB Electrolux, 80
  • Media: General Electric, 77
  • Pharmaceuticals: AstraZeneca, 86
  • Toys & Children's Equipment: Hasbro, 52

Scores have increased by 54 percent since Climate Counts conducted its first review in 2007. The inaugural scorecard covered just 60 big-name brands.


Top photo and logo courtesy of Unilever. Other graphics courtesy of Climate Counts.