Our 12 Best Stories of 2011

In addition to our many dozens of expert contributors (each of whom we are grateful for and appreciative of), GreenBiz.com's editorial staff also gets the chance to do some in-depth reporting and writing. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite articles from the past year.

What NASCAR Can Teach Sustainability Professionals

By Leslie Guevarra NASCAR is a 63-year-old, family-run, privately held company that governs America's No.1 spectator sport -- a showcase for fast cars zooming around racetracks. How is it making green work. 

A Hunt Where Efficiency is the Prey
By Tilde Herrera

A growing list of companies are turning their employees into sleuths tasked with a single purpose: to identify and quantify opportunities to save energy. The process is called a Treasure Hunt, and over the last decade, more than 200 of the events at GE have uncovered $150 million in energy savings.


Diversey's Portfolio Approach Toward Sustainability ROI
By John Davies

How Diversey sustainability program delivered an impressive ROI by providing a new perspective on old issues.


Soap and Glory: A Peek Behind Method's Methods
By Joel Makower

On the occasion of the publication of their book, The Method Method, an interview with Method co-founders Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, on what they've learned -- about small companies in big markets, about innovation, and about the green marketplace.


The Story Behind Google's Huge Appetite for Energy
By Matthew Wheeland

Google's Energy Czar, Bill Wiehl, walks us through the company's new level of transparency around energy and the environment.


SF Airport Reopens Iconic Terminal as a $383M Green Showcase
By Leslie Guevarra

In its latest incarnation, Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport reopens this week as a showcase of environmental responsibility in commercial aviation.


9 Expert Tips for a Greener Fleet
By Tilde Herrera

It's going to be a summer of pain at the pump, but nine experts are weighing in to share their advice on how to implement green initiatives in your fleet.


5 Myths About Sustainability Executives
By John Davies

Although our GreenBiz Salary Survey shows how sustainability can be a career -- but we still need to debunk a number of misconceptions about just what a sustainability professional'.


The Future (and Past) of the 'Office of the Future'

By Joel Makower

Thirty years after the publication of my book on the health effects of office environments, things have changed significantly, though some things haven't.


3 Big Questions About Method's New Ocean-Plastic Bottle
By Leslie Guevarra

Method is trying to deliver an anti-pollution message with a new recycled bottle that contains plastic trash from the sea, but can the new "ocean bottle" also deliver a profit?



Students Give Kimberly-Clark a Lesson in Design Thinking
By Tilde Herrera

Last fall, Kimberly-Clark Health Care turned to students at the Rhode Island School of Design for inspiration and ideas about a second life for Kimguard, the most widely used sterilization material on the market.

Tackling Old Problems with New Solutions at Uptime's Symposium
By Matthew Wheeland

For all the forward-looking solutions on offer, and just on the horizon, at the kickoff of the Uptime Institute's annual Symposium this week, there are a number of very old problems that remain to be solved.