Verdantix offers a blueprint for green office buildings

Real estate developers and building management companies must make sustainable building design a priority to ensure their relevance over the next five years, according to a new report by Verdantix, a research firm with headquarters in the UK.

The report, "The Future of the Green Office," suggests it is imperative for real-estate developers and building managers to incorporate green sensibilities in their strategies. Otherwise, they could be shut out of the high-end market as companies seek corporate headquarters and campuses designed with sustainability in mind.

"Sustainability issues will gain in importance over the next five years, creating an obsolescence risk for developers, and this is most evident at the prime end of the market whether green has become a synonym for Grade A space," the Verdantix analysts wrote in the introduction.

The Verdantix report reflects the insights of senior executives from the real estate, commercial construction and building technologies sectors, as well as from companies using the commercial spaces. It focuses on exploring design scenarios and technologies that it expects (realistically and practically) to be adopted over the next five years. Among the factors that Verdantix considers to be essential components for green office buildings are carbon, energy, waste and water management; and features that focus on ensuring occupier well being, such as open and mobile space plans.

The figure below shows some features that Verdantix believes will distinguish green buildings, including green roofs, on-site renewable energy generation, materials that keep the building's interior climate more controlled such as triple-glazed windows, and building management systems and technologies that provide detailed views of operational metrics.



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