Staples' journey to sustainability

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Mark Buckley, VP of Environmental Affairs at Staples, has a lot to share about the company's sustainable business strategy, its supply chain, their introduction of alternative fiber-based products to their customers and how Staples approaches increasing customer engagement. Buckley also speaks about Staples' partnership with HP and how the two companies are taking on the e-waste issue. He also speaks about his projects focusing on energy independence.

As a 22-year veteran of Staples, Buckley has certainly seen his company progress from its humble beginnings with its first store Brighton, Mass. to a multinational powerhouse in 26 countries and 88,000 associates. And who knew their e-commerce business was gigantic second to only

Here’s another little factoid you probably don’t know. Staple’s suppliers are responsible for 93 percent of the company's carbon impact through products, packaging, and transportation. The other 7 percent originates within the four walls of the company's operations.

Staples' retail business actually represents the smallest part of its portfolio. Roughly 60 percent is made up of their B2B contract work.

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