5 steps to making the business case for solar

[Editor's note: Green Impact has been contracted to work with GreenWave Strategies in distributing and publicizing the Alta Energy report mentioned in this article.]

While the economics of solar are improving dramatically, commercial property owners face a significant obstacle in tapping the power of the sun: the highly complex decisions involved in evaluating the business case for solar on each and every property in their portfolio.

Alta Energy, an independent solar analytics and procurement company, has just released a new report, Making the Business Case for Solar,” which provides a clear roadmap for commercial property owners to objectively evaluate the economics of solar for each property in their portfolio and then monitor the projected return on investment (ROI) for each potential project over time. The report includes a detailed presentation internal staff can utilize to educate company decision-makers and make rational decisions about potential solar investments.

Alta Energy CEO Sam Lee explains, “Every commercial solar project has to be evaluated on its own terms, with a comprehensive model and objective data, to determine if it makes economic sense. Our goal is to make it easy for commercial property owners to identify and complete cost-effective solar projects at the right time, with the right vendors, on the best possible terms.”

Navigating the Complicated Path to Sound Solar Investment Decisions

Because each property has unique features and location-specific factors, the analytical process requires specific decisions for each property, such as appropriate ownership structure, available incentives and limitations, choice of qualified vendors, optimal technology and system design. These decisions may change as market and policy conditions change. For companies with numerous properties distributed across many states and utility service areas, this is a daunting challenge.

Alta Energy’s report is a unique resource for helping commercial property owners navigate the path to sound solar investment decisions. It provides a five-part framework for evaluating the business case for solar in a commercial real estate portfolio. Each step is briefly summarized below.

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