What sustainable consumption looks like

Editor's Note: While sustainability leaders spend a lot of time talking and thinking about internal changes, from greening their supply chains to making their buildings and processes more energy efficient, they need to remember that the products at the end of those supply chains must be both defensible and attractive to consumers. Here's one consumer's take.

Three “green” products that recently arrived at my house got me thinking about the idea of sustainable consumption.

Which of these three do you think moves us closer to sustainable consumption?

Which takes us farther away?

This is a bottle of dish and hand soap from Method. The package is made from recycled ocean plastic.

This is an LED bulb from IKEA.

And these are SUNNAM solar-powered lamps, also from IKEA.

Two of these products -- the dish soap and the bulb -- move us in the right direction. The solar lamp? No. And I say that as an admirer of Method and IKEA.

Photo of sustainable light bulb provided by somchaij via Shutterstock

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