Achieving scalability in energy management

With these two approaches, we’re looking for the most common opportunities that could be applied across an entire diverse portfolio. Data helps by revealing the biggest opportunities for the best investment. Whole-systems thinking is leveraging timing and order of operations to eliminate waste and optimize cost structure. Working with RMI, we’re hoping to use these methods to identify wide-scale opportunities to drive energy savings.

In the coming months, we’ll be hard at work. Our next step is to jump into the detailed analysis of our selected pilot site. We’ll be combing through the collected data, identifying opportunities to eliminate waste and looking across all participants and actions to make sure we’re maximizing benefit while not creating inefficiencies along the way.  We plan to share our findings widely so that the work truly is scalable not only across our own company, but across the millions of commercial buildings throughout the nation.

We’re excited about the work that lies ahead of us. You can monitor our progress by following RMI on Facebook or through Twitter (@RockyMtnInst). Also, check out AT&T’s sustainability information at

Photo of increasingly larger displays provided by Oleksiy Mark via Shutterstock.