How platforms are transforming building energy efficiencies

Authentication of tools: Peer-to-peer platforms provide an avenue for operators and other stakeholders to share information and perspectives on solutions in the market. The information exchange between building professionals can help a potential smart building technology customer determine which tools are most effective and/or best suited for their particular facility or portfolio. The ability to share information between end users rather than between vendors and end users provides objective assessment of new technologies and can promote the adoption of smart building solutions.

Demonstration of vendor credibility: VERGE highlighted the level and amount of innovation in smart building technologies coming from the startup community. Platforms can also play an important role in promoting the adoption of smart building technologies by providing a go-to-market channel that gives small startups the visibility and credibility necessary to scale.

The platform theme discussed highlighted a new enabler in the transformation of facilities to smart buildings. Looking at the momentum of several high profile social platforms for buildings featured at VERGE -- namely Panoptix, Noesis Energy and Honest Buildings -- showcases the value in providing tools and communities to accelerate adoption. Indeed, platforms have a significant role to play in the energy efficiency and smart buildings market as we are seeing in other segments of the economy.