Organic Bouquet: Keeping the sustainable-flower business blooming

After witnessing the effects that pesticides can have on nursery workers firsthand, Robert McLaughlin in 2001 started his own flower company, Organic Bouquet, with the aim of doing things differently.

The company has introduced many programs to improve nursery workers' lives, reduce harmful chemicals use and grow more sustainable and organic flowers.

It certainly has faced its share of challenges, including the difficulty and higher short-term costs of growing organically, as well as reduced demand for organic flowers in the last few years.

But Organic Bouquet has continued to thrive, growing to 20 employees and increasing the availability of certified sustainable and organic flowers, and now CEO McLaughlin is starting to see the demand for organic blooms sprout again. 

In this Green Talk podcast, McLaughlin discusses some of his company’s wins, setbacks and lessons learned. 

Photo courtesy of Organic Bouquet.