Warning: This is not about EMC's new sustainability report

Last week, EMC published its seventh annual sustainability report. I should blog about it.

I should blog about why we called it "Thinking Forward" and the unexpected challenge of choosing a cover design.

I should blog about why we are experimenting with a new format, organizing around material issues, which I'm hoping will be useful to stakeholders but am afraid might instead be confusing.

I should blog about our 15 new goals for 2020, including an assertive goal for 40 percent reduction in absolute GHG emissions despite our rapidly growing business, but also about how I'm keenly aware that many of them are output- rather than outcome-based and we still have a way to go to.

And I should blog about the schizophrenia of being both worried about whether we can achieve the 40 percent reduction and afraid it won't be enough, and then figuring out how to put that into words in the report.

I should blog about our pride in all the content, the concern that it's still far too long and the hope that the report's new organization lets stakeholders find what they need without being overwhelmed.

I should blog about the 60-plus amazing people that put effort into this report, and about the constant upbeat attitude of our project lead Erin, even when she's tracking down scores of people for data, stories and approvals.

I should blog about why reporting really is important, even if it is a major pain in the you-know-what; about how it rallies troops, encourages dialog with stakeholders and serves as a forcing function to get our data together, look at the big picture and figure out our gaps.

I should blog about our report. But the truth is, I don't want to. After all, we just got it out the door. Our RobecoSAM questionnaire (for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index) is due. As is our Carbon Disclosure. And conflict minerals report. And water disclosure and supplier carbon disclosure. Needless to say, the onslaught of customer questionnaires isn't staunched during reporting period, either. Meanwhile, publishing the report entails emails, announcements and more writings and reviews and approvals, including a contribution to the EMC Reflections blog.

I should blog about how I'm just plain tired of writing, reviewing, re-writing, re-reviewing and approving; and that Maria (who shepherded all the supply chain, ewaste, logistics and conflict minerals content) and Deanna (who did all our GHG accounting) call it having "CSRCDPDJSI Migraines."

I should blog about our new sustainability report. But I am not going to.

This article originally appeared at Interconnected World. Stacked file image by yuki33 via Shutterstock.