Sustainable Futures

Form for the Future is a non-profit organization working globally with business and government to create a sustainable future. This blog brings insights from our work on sustainable business models, systems innovation, green futures and planet-saving innovations.

This marks the end of Forum of the Future's Retail Horizon blog series. With the toolkit introduced this week, we can begin a new retail paradigm.

Forum for the Future presents four questions to ask when wondering whether to switch your business model from sales to rental.

If you know what the mainstream is ready for, then you can have a greater chance of success. How might you tell? And what might be bubbling under right now?

We need to remove fossil fuels from business. Here are 4 big areas of opportunity that Forum for the Future sees for that new economy.

Shoppers know more about brands than ever, and demand to know yet more. How can companies win their trust?

On-the-move Americans are always looking for ways to save time while still getting what they need. What are the buying trends of the future?

By 2030, half the world's population may face water shortages. How can companies steer eaters to the foods that help save this precious resource?

Energy affects many aspects of trade. Fracking has created a bubble. What would happen if it burst? And how likely is that?

Forum for the Future takes factors such as automation and the sharing economy into account while creating four scenarios for retail.

The fourth article in Forum for the Future's series about retail examines the trend of moving production back to the U.S. Is it a good thing?