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In this column we help companies anticipate, understand and respond to complex and changing business pressures. SustainAbility is a think tank and strategic advisory firm working for over 25 years to catalyze business leadership on sustainability. For more information see www.SustainAbility.com

Two thousand workers are enrolled so far in a program from Arizona State University and the world's biggest "people company that happens to serve coffee."
How can companies better engage customers? The answer lies somewhere between apps such as OpenLabel and product badges from Walmart.
SustainAbility examines how SAP, Danone, Method and other leaders use transparency and reporting to work greenness into all parts of the company.
No business is an island. Make the most of transparency and reporting by valuing externalities to show how your company affects the world.
Issues like global climate action, employee well-being and a changing energy sector will shape the sustainable development agenda in 2015.
PG&E and Fibria's sustainability reports address the myriad definitions of materiality with reports that engage stakeholders.
With its margin-based model yielding diminishing returns, pharma should take a cue from Nestlé, PepsiCo and Apple and refocus on health and wellness.
Understanding the environmental impact of what we eat is becoming increasingly necessary.

Droughts and shortages are just the beginning of water scarcity. This SustainAbility report calls out four key areas for innovation.

Hiring practices, wage policies and affordable, quality products that meet the needs of low-income populations can influence this unrelenting social issue.