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MIT Sloan Management Review

MIT Sloan Management Review

However sustainability is defined, one thing is true: the vital need for human society to address its challenges will end up transforming the ways we all work, live, and compete. It will have extraordinary implications for organizations and the people who lead them -- work processes, organizational models, competitive strategies, and leadership methods are all going to be affected. But how? And why? And in what ways? 

That's what MIT Sloan Management Review will explore in its Sustainability Initiative. MIT SMR is collaborating with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to identify the sustainability challenges that will have the greatest effect on managerial decision making, and determine which challenges pose the biggest threats and opportunities. To that end, our collaboration will conduct interviews and research, and publish findings, insights, advice, case experiences, and resources for further learning. Our long term vision is to become home to the world's preeminent exploration of -- and conversation about -- the new sustainability-driven possibilities for managers. 

This group blog will collect and excerpt interviews with thought leaders on business sustainability from the Sloan Management Review's Sustainability Initiative.

MIT Sloan Management Review Contributors