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By Joel Makower, Chairman & Executive Editor

I'm writing to you this week from New York, where my colleagues and I are preparing for tomorrow's VERGE Salon on "next-gen buildings and cities." It's a daylong event, the first in our Salon series, which focus in on one of the many areas where technology meets sustainability — the focus of our global VERGE series. We'll be doing another Salon in the spring, in London, focusing on supply-chain transparency and traceability.

We're especially excited about tomorrow's Salon, with a stellar line-up of building developers and owners, city officials and planners, technology companies, service providers, foundations, NGOs and thought leaders of all stripes. Among them is a rare conversation with architects César and Rafael Pelli, the famed father-son team responsible for some of the world's most iconic buildings, and some of the most sustainably designed.

You can partake of the event virtually by tuning into the free livestream of the plenary session — more than 30 speakers in all — which begins at 8:30 am Eastern Time. (Yes, that's early for you West Coasters, but the livestream will be viewable on demand any time afterwards.)

Next week, I'll be back in New York for Climate Week, a flurry of events, many of them focusing on the challenges and opportunities for business. I hope to see you there, too.

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The 2014 Dow Jones Sustainability Index: Abbott to Woolworths
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Google invests in solar — in an aging oil field
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Addressing Transparency Expectations in the Metals and Mining Sector

Are you a material supplier concerned with increasing demands for sustainability performance data? Or, are you a manufacturer wondering what raw materials suppliers are doing to demonstrate their sustainability performance? Here’s an article that looks at supplier transparency through the lens of the Metals and Mining industry. Broad lessons can be drawn about next steps for suppliers and the state of supply chain engagement for manufacturers. Download the article here.

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Why the future of food tastes like a mealworm
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Essential Guide to Lighting Retrofits & Upgrades

At a time when commercial lighting systems account for over 50% of the total electricity used for lighting - retrofits and upgrades that allow lighting systems to use energy more efficiently are an obvious place to start. Learn what you need to know when making a decision: trends, stats, lighting controls, and other building-wide control systems. Click here to download the free report.

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Can't HR and sustainability just get along?
By John Davies

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Here are the top 10 'VERGE' jobs of the future
By Ellen Weinreb

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3 reasons the world is moving beyond shareholder value
By Terry F. Yosie

Milt Friedman, watch out? There's increasingly more room for concerns past the short-term gains in investment decisions....Read More

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Join us at the BSR Conference 2014, “Transparency and Transformation,” November 4-6 in New York

Explore how transparency transforms supply chains, energy and climate, consumer engagement, communities, and more. Join us to discover how transformative technologies, business models, and financial valuations can produce progress for a just and sustainable future. Learn more and register at

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