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Taking Care of Business
By Joel Makower, Chairman & Executive Editor

Last week was one for the books, whether you marched with others or watched from the sidelines. The business and politics of climate change were front and center. The Climate Week events in New York City and elsewhere focused attention on a critical issue, from nearly every conceivable point of view. We have not had a global conversation on any single topic like this for a long time.

And the voice of business was loud and clear. As you will see from the stories below, companies came together — with one another, with political leaders and with citizen marchers — to express their concern as well as to articulate the opportunities.

Was it a bit too optimistic, amid mounting evidence that the climate crisis is growing? That was my question, for which I sought answers from a variety of corporate and nonprofit leaders.

There are many more viewpoints contained in this week's stories, from one sustainability veteran's impressions from the middle of the march to insights into what it all means for your company.

I hope you'll join in on the conversation. What did Climate Week mean for you and your company?

The Business of Climate Change

The audacious optimism of Climate Week
By Joel Makower

Why is the private sector so gosh-darn positive about solving climate change?

...Read More

Nestlé, Kellogg’s join Ceres’ call for federal climate action
By Mike Hower

Launched in 2008 with five companies, BICEP has expanded to 32 firms, including eBay and Symantec.

...Read More

APP, Cargill plant U.N. deforestation pledge for 2030
By Mike Hower

A total of 34 companies signed the New York Declaration on Forests this week at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York.

...Read More

IKEA, Swiss Re, Mars, H&M go all-in on renewable energy
By Heather Clancy

The RE100 pledges come as business, political leaders urge more corporate involvement on emissions and more during Climate Week.

...Read More
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Getting Started with Building Energy Management

Businesses are now realizing that our energy supplies, and our energy supply lines, are increasingly complex, and represent risks and opportunity. Download this free, whitepaper (33 pages) by Paul Birkeland, of Global Strategic Energy, to learn more about why you need to manage your energy use, creating your energy profile, finding and wrestling energy hogs, identifying energy saving opportunities, and more. Download the free whitepaper here

It's Not Just the Climate

Comcast and Major League Baseball: Save Our Water
By Gina-Marie Cheeseman

Comcast focuses its water saving in response to the California drought, and the state's baseball teams spread the word to fans.

...Read More

Nespresso's 2020 goals aim at coffee-led sustainability evolution
By Tom Idle

Nestlé's coffee brand is to spend more than $530 million on new operations in South Sudan, reducing aluminium waste and becoming carbon neutral....Read More

A new era of innovation for a resource-depleted world
By Nadya Zhexembayeva

Here's how a waterless shampoo invented 20 years ago points the way to the future. It's just one innovation for a resource-depleted world.

...Read More
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Verifying Environmental Sustainability in the Electronics Marketplace

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Climate Week Roundup

The 5 Climate Week reports you shouldn't miss
By Elsa Wenzel

Sneeze and you'll miss some Climate Week news. Here are the reports to skim by happy hour, then read fully at the office next week....Read More

6 Climate Week stories that businesses can't afford to ignore
By Rona Fried

Important ideas and commitments were put in words in New York this week. Don't miss these speeches, declarations and agreements....Read More

The climate has changed: 3 ways your company can act now
By Ryan Schuchard

This Climate Week, We Mean Business issues its first big report as it gathers clout among serious business leaders intent on change....Read More

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Addressing Transparency Expectations in the Metals and Mining Sector

Are you a material supplier concerned with increasing demands for sustainability performance data? Or, are you a manufacturer wondering what raw materials suppliers are doing to demonstrate their sustainability performance? Here’s an article that looks at supplier transparency through the lens of the Metals and Mining industry. Broad lessons can be drawn about next steps for suppliers and the state of supply chain engagement for manufacturers. Download the article here.

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  • Can You Save Millions with Sustainable Packaging Design?
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  • Guide to Energy, Carbon and Sustainability Software
  • Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

  • September 29, 2014
    Views and Analysis
    Andrew McKeon: On the ground at the People's Climate March in New York City
    Sustainable Business News: Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo drop ALEC following Google's lead
    Heather Clancy: 3 big revelations from Unilever's TED talks
    Laetitia Mailhes: How Walmart aims to spread sustainability, one factory at a time
    David Mahfouda: How sharing will define the future of urban life
    Ann Tartre: Caesars' water leadership doesn't stay in Vegas
    Heather Clancy: 5 tips from energy-efficient building innovators Google and NYU
    David Bent: How to spot the best opportunities for action these next two years

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