Buildings & Facilities

There's hope for utilities, according to this Accenture report. It can start with transforming their business models.

The New Building Institute rolled out a database where users can look up sustainability performance data for buildings in 44 states.

The food giant is aiming for 100 LEED-certified outposts by 2016 with a new "DD Green" initiative aimed at franchisees.

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Trained as an industrialist engineer, she spearheads energy efficiency and "sustainable IT" across the company's massive data center portfolio.

New technologies designed to store clean energy may make it easier to fully incorporate solar and wind power into the electricity grid.

Water, water everywhere? Look around to get ideas flowing and prevent the risks that can drain your company dry.

Sixteen housing authorities from Massachusetts inked a deal with SunEdison that will allow for rooftop PV installation or grid metering credits.

New report suggests smart city technologies capable of slashing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution are on the cusp of a major breakthrough