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Rhode Island plans to have the water-bound wind turbine in the U.S., but the wind is changing in the South, too.

The automaker's Silicon Valley coming out party included a slew of new offerings related to carsharing, 3-D printing and self-driving cars.

With banks casting a leery eye at fuel-gobbling vessels, shipowners turn to speedy retrofits to take advantage of wind power.

The U.S. Green Building Council, Honeywell and IDEO are betting on a re-tooled LEED Dynamic Plaque as the next phase in smart buildings.

Automatic bill pay lets customers tune out, ignoring the money and energy they waste. How can we make life smoother and yet sustainable?

Solar panels can float in water, slowing evaporation while sparing land. Installations are all over the world and in some surprising bodies of water.

The sustainability manager for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority chats about the LEED Silver convention center and the new football stadium.

Some companies are participating in a employee discount program on solar installation called SunShares. Will other companies join in?

The emergency water restrictions specifically call out hotels and motels. How can operators meet the requirements and prepare for a drier future?