Buildings & Facilities

From rooftop solar for mega-retailers to wind farms powering massive data centers, these companies lead the pack when it comes to clean energy.

For 2015, look to these performance categories that define how green buildings can help restore the natural environment.

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Developing nations need cheap, reliable energy or they will turn to coal. But the solutions to ensure a low-carbon future already exist.

With big-thinking utilities, players like Tesla, Panasonic, LG and Siemens are transforming the development of energy storage for good.

Plunging oil prices may be felt at the gas pump, but they won’t impact power companies or the value of energy efficiency.

Preparing infrastructure for extreme weather events is good for business and for the community, argues the CEO of real estate giant SM Prime Holding.

Integrated solar power and energy storage systems may be the key to meeting energy demand when the grid goes down.

There's hope for utilities, according to this Accenture report. It can start with transforming their business models.