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The biotech giant's new Silicon Valley campus leveraged the expertise of nearby Lawrence Berkeley Lab to optimize for both energy efficiency and talent attraction.

The number of jobs in the green energy industry is increasing worldwide, but what needs to happen for this trend to continue?

Starting with lanterns and scaling up to communities, D.light, Devergy and SELF are helping the energy-poor access clean, safe and inexpensive power.

Clean energy advocates see a big opening to bring power to the world's estimated 2 billion people living in "energy poverty" or without electricity. But energy incumbents aren't likely to willingly give up potential customers.

A slew of San Francisco companies have committed to buying renewable power, but they're also working to make those power purchases less complicated.

A new report fuses economic and energy data to pinpoint climate action models that actually have worked.

With a foray into deforestation policy and solar energy in China, Apple is moving into a new phase of its sustainability goals.

The Pay As You Save model calls for installing improvements free for customers and repaying the cost through utility tariffs.