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A new metro area has risen to the top of the Energy Star efficiency rankings.

As the world goes mobile, carriers are scrutinizing the power needed to support transmission equipment far more closely.

Packaging reuse could save the industry some $11.4 billion that's now represented in discarded material. But it will take some rethinking.

If building managers and plant operators show the cost savings numbers to their CFOs, they'll win them over to invest in efficiency.

A new study suggests that dry-cooled, concentrated solar in the built environment could be the next wave in harvesting the sun’s energy.

Retrofits at the Marina Bay Sands resort result in 11 percent energy savings and a two-year return on investment.

Environmentalists and green businesses face a daunting challenge if they are ever to establish circular economy thinking in the corporate mainstream.

The Colorado city’s government and municipal utility are spearheading not just a “20 by 2020” goal, but an impressive “80 by 2030” goal as well.

No, it's not a new LEED standard. A first-of-its-kind trademark program aims to cut both the red tape and the risk associated with energy efficiency retrofits.