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A Minneapolis baseball park illustrates the myriad opportunities for reuse when it comes to new infrastructure projects.

The biotech giant's new Silicon Valley campus leveraged the expertise of nearby Lawrence Berkeley Lab to optimize for both energy efficiency and talent attraction.

If we thought about material reuse during the product design stage, we'd realize more value, say advocates of circular economy thinking.

The Pay As You Save model calls for installing improvements free for customers and repaying the cost through utility tariffs.

Getting your chief financial officer to grasp the value of energy management isn't easy. But these tips may help.

The company is investing in renewable energy under the direction of sustainability chief Christina Page, but Yahoo's biggest impact comes from new data center design innovation.

Sales of smart building technologies almost could triple to $17.4 billion between 2014 and 2019. That’s driving a flood of investment from corporations and venture capitalists alike.

A recent United Nations report shows that e-waste is a mine of both recyclables and toxics.

Like a purchase power agreement, the sale of electricity saved through efficiency can be metered, measured and monetized in this pilot in Seattle.