Companies like TE Connectivity and Creation Technologies ask staff from product design and supply chain management to collaborate early in a new product's design cycle to avoid ecological problems.

Harnessing nature to improve buildings can have benefits on multiple levels, as companies such as EDS and Hewlett-Packard have learned.

Research asked representatives from business, government, NGOs and academia to identify the barriers, drivers and needs to advance the agenda.

Insiders agree that algae-based foods, fuels and other products will be price-competitive with their traditional counterparts by 2020.

Walmart's Sustainability Leaders program can confuse customers into believing some very unsustainable products are environmentally friendly, says Seventh Generation's former CEO.

Recent developments in chemistry may have taken us closer to the Holy Grail of finding a universal kit of parts with which to "print" our world.

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Campaigners unite under common frame for holding businesses responsible for safer chemicals use. Disclosure and informed substitution are key.