Energy & Climate

The commitments China submitted in advance of the COP 21 United Nations climate talks suggest China is trying to shift its national economy away from its current dependence on coal and petroleum.

With promises of energy efficiency, optimal routing, and low-carbon power supplies, can driverless vehicles clean up the world's roads?

Kodiak Island was spending $7 million a year on 2.8 million gallons of diesel. Now, the Alaska island gets its energy from wind and hydro power.

Without mobility, economic growth and social opportunity can't flourish. That's a problem for businesses, cities, residents and even our national security.

You thought open source innovation was only for high-tech titans such as Tesla and Google? Think again.

Instead of subsidizing fossil fuel exploration and development to the tune of $548 billion worldwide, putting a price on carbon would help clarify the economics of climate change policies.

The United Nations has 17 ambitious dreams. This second includes improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Groups including the China National Textile and Apparel Council are moving to increase social responsibility in industry plagued by labor and environmental issues.