Energy & Climate

While water usage has declined across all sectors in the U.S., have we reached a peak in water efficiency or is there still room from improvement?

Al Gore thinks utilities will become like landlines — an option instead of a necessity. Industry experts think “load defection” is a likelier scenario.

It’s not how big your farm is, but how you manage your crops and livestock.

A new effort to chart global sustainability commitments in one place is under way, with a goal of helping to convene would-be partners while reducing overlap.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse of how investors are evaluating evolving financing options for beefing up energy performance.

On every level, from consumer demographics to supply chain to societal shifts and more, the business case is strong.

Hoping to boost the cache of hybrid, EV and other low-carbon commercial vehicles, the NAFA Fleet Management Association has issued new sustainable accreditation standards.

Sullivan puts her CPA background to good use analyzing the nitty-gritty of reporting and compliance at the consulting firm and on a number of boards.