Energy & Climate

As anti-deforestation efforts ramp up, one bamboo supplier aims to take the industry from a "hippie business" to a serious, industrialized option for Fortune 500 companies.

How now? Cows and compost can enrich soil, improve water retention, reduce carbon emissions and earn tradable GHG credits.

An oil-rich country develops a hybrid solar-natural gas plant.

JetBlue still believes that treating people well affects profits. That includes protecting ecosystems to benefit communities.

From award-winning collaborations to just-got-off-the-ground endeavors, a round up of promising partnerships in a hot sustainability field.

Companies can forge ahead with the groundwork laid by leaders such as GSK, Nike, Tesla, Unilever and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Essess, an MIT spin-off, automates thermal imaging on a very large scale. Its innovation is spurring the interest of utilities, government agencies and the military.

From low-carbon investments to adaptation, companies can take many steps to address climate change and manage its risks.