Energy & Climate

Our reporter intern's inside account of what it's like to write about the business of sustainability when no government or financial regulations define what is or is not sustainable.

It's time to start answering the hard questions about how renewable energy will be integrated with the grid.

As free marketers like to argue, the regulatory environment can sometimes stifle innovation, including in sustainability.

Farming isn't easy. That's why our broken food system needs a central scientific approach to cope with growing global demand.

Beer titans Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors are investing in a range of agriculture- and water-focused sustainability programs to increase efficiency while cutting operational risks.

The City collaborates with Portland State professors to strategize how to achieve its aggressive climate action plan of cutting carbon emissions by 80 percent.

What's the best solution for phasing out the federal investment tax credit? And will that solution be politically viable?

Sub-Saharan Africa needs a more reliable energy supply. The way it chooses to meet that need will affect the entire planet.