Energy & Climate

Sullivan puts her CPA background to good use analyzing the nitty-gritty of reporting and compliance at the consulting firm and on a number of boards.

Corporate recycling and waste diversion efforts still aren't cutting it. Better understanding where waste originates and preventing it at the source could increase both profitability and sustainability.

Despite recent news that global emissions have stalled, the EPA reports that emissions in the U.S. jumped 2 percent during 2013 as the nation bounced back from the recession.

Big60Million plans to boost solar with mini-bonds, making sure locals reap the benefits of having clean energy on their doorstep.

Since 2012 the tech giant has put an internal fee on carbon, which feeds into a multimillion-dollar fund to reduce the company's footprint, buy green energy and develop new clean technologies.

A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council suggests that there may be a growing business case for China’s textile manufacturers to clean up their act.

Companies like TE Connectivity and Creation Technologies ask staff from product design and supply chain management to collaborate early in a new product's design cycle to avoid ecological problems.

In an effort to avoid power outage risks highlighted by extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy, New York is moving ahead with research to improve energy resilience.