Energy & Climate

These misconceptions are more widely believed than Bigfoot sightings, and much more costly. Are these notions leading your company astray?

The world’s second biggest coffee company will evaluate its Coffee Made Happy program to understand the impact on farmers on the ground.

Hydrogen-powered cars are about to go on sale in Japan, with plans for U.S. distribution in 2015.

Lockheed Martin, Nissan and SAP find that technology encouraging competition and behavior change makes sense for sustainable business.

What if someone told you that they could forecast specific regions of the world likely to encounter significant business losses linked to climate volatility? 

The logistics giant has partnered with F1 but faces a new challenge in lowering emissions of the all-electric motorsport series.

US-China clean energy pacts, disinvestment in anti-climate change groups and new advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill: Sustainability is gaining momentum.