Energy & Climate

Artificial pricing schemes have misaligned urban and agricultural water users. Investing in offsets to help reconcile that value gap could help.

Sports teams have a long history of speaking out on social issues and political causes consistent with their "values" — so why aren't more franchises confronting climate risks?

As global demand for better forest management grows, regulatory and reputational risks strengthen the case for responsibly sourcing timber.

Weather phenomena and climate models suggest some possibilities, but we still don’t know enough about global warming.

Big data software startup Orbital Insight is experimenting with the World Resources Institute to apply 'deep learning' to conservation.

A nagging emphasis on "short-termism," tight funding and pressure to achieve sustainability at scale are pushing cities to seek new types of coordination with businesses.

As Credit Suisse jumps into SolarCity's big new fund, investors are taking note.

Just a handful of leading companies source renewable Power. That’s a problem — and an opportunity.

In a recent letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, a coalition of investors criticized disclosure by major oil and gas companies, arguing that climate risk is changing the economics of the industry.