Energy & Climate

Public companies must disclose anything that is material to investors. So why are environmental and sustainability risks still not being disclosed with financial information?

A jewelry giant gets serious about sustainability as CSR execs in tech, energy and consulting contribute to a furious start for the second quarter of the year.

As climate regulation increases throughout the world, many energy reserves will become unusable. How should investors view these risks?

An increasingly water-stressed world takes a fresh look at desalination.

From shifting demographic demands to the "slow death" of utilities' core revenue stream, energy titan NRG, design firm IDEO and a slew of tech startups weigh in on the evolution of power.

When it comes to supply chains, ignorance is no longer bliss — it’s a liability.

It's not just corporations responding to pressure to disclose the carbon footprint of their supply chains; WRI, the U.S. GSA, and the EICC have agreed to disclose supply chain emissions, as well.

Starbucks and Conservation International are helping growers produce shade-grown, ethically sourced beans. Can they wake up the entire industry?

The economy of the world’s oceans almost matches that of the U.K., but it’s being harmed at an alarming rate, warns WWF.