Energy & Climate

Just as U.N. climate talks begin, these four meaty reports envision setbacks and hope around the world.
What makes a company circular? Start with a rethinking of product design and your core business model.
A fund-matching program spearheaded by the EPA will help bridge the financial gap to implementation of the new climate policy.
It could be the world's last chance to save the planet, and more businesses are onboard than ever. Here's a guide to the names behind the names.
A transportation design challenge by the German automaker borrowed inspiration from the organizational structure of biological cells.
There's still a long way to go, but creative financing is starting to send renewable power to low- and middle-income communities.
Rock stars in the world of grains are drawing attention to old-school ingredients, and getting attention from names such as Whole Foods and Chipotle.
As more people eat more meat, quantity is not the only concern; the nature of the beast makes a difference, too.