Energy & Climate

Microgrids powered by a combination of solar and battery storage — along with new breakthroughs in urban smart grids — offer an affordable way to bring electricity to those without.

The biotech giant's new Silicon Valley campus leveraged the expertise of nearby Lawrence Berkeley Lab to optimize for both energy efficiency and talent attraction.

As world leaders look to mitigate the effects of climate change, how can cities reduce carbon emissions by improving transportation?

The number of jobs in the green energy industry is increasing worldwide, but what needs to happen for this trend to continue?

A new resource explains how to use automated demand response standard OpenADR with several popular types of DR programs.

A small but increasing number of publicly traded companies are integrating sustainability with executive compensation. But will others really follow?

The green bond market has nearly doubled in size since last year, leaving analysts to wonder whether the market will boom or bust in the near future.

Some basic questions answered about the CDP Supply Chain questionnaire for those charged with filling it out.

CDP and WWF analysis shows just NRG, H&M and a few others have greenhouse gas targets in line with scientific recommendations.