Energy & Climate

Starting with lanterns and scaling up to communities, D.light, Devergy and SELF are helping the energy-poor access clean, safe and inexpensive power.

U.S. Department of Labor announces $35 million in grants to transform the coal workforce into one for safer and more promising occupations.

Clean energy advocates see a big opening to bring power to the world's estimated 2 billion people living in "energy poverty" or without electricity. But energy incumbents aren't likely to willingly give up potential customers.

A slew of San Francisco companies have committed to buying renewable power, but they're also working to make those power purchases less complicated.

Regional hubs, truly global science and a smoother process would improve the IPCC’s climate reports.

The opening day of the Business & Climate Summit in Paris yield a few thoughts on how the world's biggest brands might play.

When it comes to big business, can today’s incumbents become tomorrow’s insurgents?

Can electric vehicles, self-driving cars and connected vehicles play nice with existing transportation systems?