Energy & Climate

As the world's most common building material, concrete is cheap to produce but comes with high environmental costs — pushing researchers to experiment with more sustainable self-healing road materials.

Evolving risk calculations and increased emphasis on long-term growth prospects are helping sustainability's case for capital.

In the U.S., economic growth, carbon emissions and energy consumption have always gone hand in hand, but recent data shows that this trend may be ending.

Once a hobby for office-weary city dwellers, urban farming has become an important source of food in the U.S. and globally.

While energy cost savings are often the first thing investors look at when considering retrofitting, a new guide by RMI shows that the value goes much deeper.

Elon Musk's new energy storage system allows businesses and homes to save solar energy and reduce grid-energy use.

Researchers build on age-old practices to reduce food loss in Africa.

In a country experiencing one of the most rapid deforestation rates in the world, an experiment in sustainable, community-managed timber production lends some hope to the possibility of net zero deforestation harvesting.