Energy & Climate

It's not always easy to sell a supply-chain makeover, but these tips can help. Start with measuring your company's footprint.

A look at the links between the environment and employment — and why that relationship could get much messier in a climate-constrained world.

The looming COP 21 climate conference in Paris will be a test of just how much has changed from past attempts at international coordination.

Sensors, software analytics and distributed generation are inspiring incremental, yet profound behind-the-scenes changes to our power infrastructure.

Pets are people too, or at least that's how Americans feed them. And the excess meat and fish dogs and cats eat are a sustainability problem.

Angry citizens are taking companies to court for causing climate change. Will Big Oil go the way of Big Tobacco?

Instead of paying generators a flat rate for every kilowatt-hour, how about an output-based approach that rewards production?

Its “energy as a service” platform helps utilities add demand response, smart metering quickly without minimal upfront investment.