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Retail Forecast

Retail Horizons: How does time poverty shape U.S. shopping?
By Adam Siegel

On-the-move Americans are always looking for ways to save time while still getting what they need. What are the buying trends of the future?

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Retail Horizons: Food shopping in a water-scarce world
By Alisha Bhagat

By 2030, half the world's population may face water shortages. How can companies steer eaters to the foods that help save this precious resource?

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Retail Horizons: Is onshoring the most sustainable option?
By Alisha Bhagat

The fourth article in Forum for the Future's series about retail examines the trend of moving production back to the U.S. Is it a good thing?

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Sustainability Reporting for Commercial Real Estate: GRESB

There are many organizations who seek to define the substance and format of sustainability reporting. The annual survey conducted by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has emerged as the de facto standard for how the commercial real estate industry discloses sustainability performance. This paper will explore the demand for benchmarks like GRESB, how they affect the commercial real estate industry, and what stakeholders can expect in the near future. Click here to download this free whitepaper.

Getting Schooled

Why higher education is a bright green market
By Lyn Meany

Universities are a hotbed of sustainability action, including in procurement. Here's how to get your green products and services on their radar.

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The Future MBA, week 11: Courses across cultures
By Giselle Weybrecht

What would the Future MBA look like? Explore the potential in week 11 of this new 100-day series....Read More

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A Benchmark Study of Current Practices and Tools for Sustainability

Find out what you are peers are up to! E2 ManageTech conducted a benchmark study of environmental health & safety professionals. Learn more about properly chosen leading indicators and how they can drive financial improvement and shareholder value. Download the free whitepaper here.

Focus on Supply Chains

Dunkin' Donuts: Time to trace the palm oil
By Jessica Shankleman

The fast-food giant pledges to phase deforestation out of U.S. operations' supply chains by 2016....Read More

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Join us at the BSR Conference 2014, “Transparency and Transformation,” November 4-6 in New York

Explore how transparency transforms supply chains, energy and climate, consumer engagement, communities, and more. Join us to discover how transformative technologies, business models, and financial valuations can produce progress for a just and sustainable future. Learn more and register at

White Papers

  • Sustainability Reporting for Commercial Real Estate: GRESB
  • New Scope 2 Accounting Guidance: What it means for corporate decisions to purchase environmental instruments
  • Sustainability & Employee Engagement
  • Energy Project Financing Cheat Sheet
  • Addressing Transparency Expectations in the Metals and Mining Sector
  • Essential Guide to Lighting Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Open Standards-Driven Wireless Building Energy Management
  • Mack Technologies Achieves Unprecedented Wireless Control
  • 14 Strategies to Save up to 70% in Energy Costs Using the Latest in Warehouse Lighting...and More
  • Turning Title 24 Regulations into Smart Savings
  • Unlocking ROI+: Understanding the Complete Return on Smart Building Investments
  • 5 Common Myths About Project Financing
  • Corporate Sustainability Practices: Waste & Recycling
  • Verifying Environmental Sustainability in the Electronics Marketplace
  • A Benchmark Study of Current Practices and Tools for Sustainability
  • How HP achieves leadership in sustainable product footprinting at a fraction of the cost
  • Increasing Transparency of Environment and Health Claims for Cleaning Products
  • Creating Healthier Furniture and Building Materials by Minimizing Chemical Emissions
  • Driving Performance and Transparency in Green Building Products
  • Transparency and the Role of Environmental Product Declarations
  • The Product Mindset
  • Can You Save Millions with Sustainable Packaging Design?
  • NAEM Trends Report: Planning for a Sustainable Future
  • Guide to Energy, Carbon and Sustainability Software
  • Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

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