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It's Material

What's a materiality assessment — and should you be doing one?
By Jim Lyza

Sustainability reports are being held to higher standards than before: They're being asked to relate sustainability to continued business. Are you in?

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Dow, UPS and 21 others report on year one of G4
By James Margolis and Sarah Barnett

Here are seven lessons from companies looking back on the first year of navigating the GRI's G4 reporting standards.

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Why shareholders want materiality in reporting
By Michael Kramer

As the SEC and Congress get ready to examine what companies must disclose, shareholders look at the connection between financial and ESG success.

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BEYOND FORESTS* Discover a new paper trail*

New KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* paper towel and bathroom tissue products now contain alternative fibers such as Bamboo or Wheat Straw, making them one more step in our efforts to reduce reliance on resources today, while respecting the needs of future generations. To learn more, visit

On the Shelf

The Future MBA, week 12: Think outside the box with the IKEA test
By Giselle Weybrecht

What would the Future MBA look like? Explore the potential in week 12 of this new 100-day series.

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Retail Horizons: It's time to choose our future
By Helen Clarkson

This marks the end of Forum of the Future's Retail Horizon blog series. With the toolkit introduced this week, we can begin a new retail paradigm....Read More

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See a live microgrid at VERGE SF!

Spirae invites you to visit our booth and see the live microgrid that will be powering this year’s VERGE SF conference. Our industry leading microgrid control system will be connected to an array of alternative energy assets provided by multiple partners all working together to demonstrate the power of distributed energy! Click here to learn more about Spirae.

Focus on Water

Must water be an evaporating asset?
By Christina Wong

Droughts and shortages are just the beginning of water scarcity. This SustainAbility report calls out four key areas for innovation....Read More

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New Scope 2 Accounting Guidance: What it means for corporate decisions to purchase environmental instruments

This briefing paper is based on the drafts and consultations on the guidance on reporting Scope 2 emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and gives a summary of what's expected. It includes a view of how WRI, CDP and the UK's Defra are responding to reflect this new thinking. See how corporates will be able to report the cancellation of renewable energy instruments and retirement of carbon credits within their GHG accounts. Download the free whitepaper here.

White Papers

  • The Role of Sustainability in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Getting Started with Building Energy Management
  • New Scope 2 Accounting Guidance: What it means for corporate decisions to purchase environmental instruments
  • Sustainability Reporting for Commercial Real Estate: GRESB
  • Sustainability & Employee Engagement
  • Energy Project Financing Cheat Sheet
  • Addressing Transparency Expectations in the Metals and Mining Sector
  • Essential Guide to Lighting Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Open Standards-Driven Wireless Building Energy Management
  • Mack Technologies Achieves Unprecedented Wireless Control
  • 14 Strategies to Save up to 70% in Energy Costs Using the Latest in Warehouse Lighting...and More
  • Turning Title 24 Regulations into Smart Savings
  • Unlocking ROI+: Understanding the Complete Return on Smart Building Investments
  • 5 Common Myths About Project Financing
  • Corporate Sustainability Practices: Waste & Recycling
  • Verifying Environmental Sustainability in the Electronics Marketplace
  • A Benchmark Study of Current Practices and Tools for Sustainability
  • How HP achieves leadership in sustainable product footprinting at a fraction of the cost
  • Increasing Transparency of Environment and Health Claims for Cleaning Products
  • Creating Healthier Furniture and Building Materials by Minimizing Chemical Emissions
  • Driving Performance and Transparency in Green Building Products
  • Transparency and the Role of Environmental Product Declarations
  • The Product Mindset
  • Can You Save Millions with Sustainable Packaging Design?
  • NAEM Trends Report: Planning for a Sustainable Future
  • Guide to Energy, Carbon and Sustainability Software
  • Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

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