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Waste Not

Recyclebank at 10: What we've learned
By Joel Makower

It takes more than reward points to lure a city's residents to recycle. It takes behavioral research and more than a little ingenuity.

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A glimpse into our 2030 waste-free world
By Diane O'Connor

Carbon emissions are no curse. If enforced bans on cigarette smoking has taught us anything, it's that individual and collective efforts can change our world for the better.

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ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Rises to the Top in Transparency and Disclosure

In 2008, the ThyssenKrupp leadership undertook a sustainability audit to help them devise a long-term strategy. In the process they uncovered many opportunities for improvement and cost savings. This case study details their transparency and disclosure journey from discovery to implementation and realization of their goal of providing full transparency into all of its products and processes. Download the free whitepaper here.

Pure Energy

Holding out on solar? It's time to reconsider
By Strategic Sourceror

Thanks to Chinese solar panel production and new technology, the tide is turning when it comes to your company's long-term energy strategy.

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How to tap the medium-scale clean energy market
By Michael Puckett

In between the residential installations and gigantic utility-scale projects sits an overlooked market just waiting to be tapped....Read More

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Sustainability & Employee Engagement

The GreenBiz Group Employee Engagement survey, conducted in March 2014, examines aspects of corporate environmental and sustainability education initiatives at companies at varying stages of program development. This survey builds on the GreenBiz Group and NEEF 2008 and 2011 survey findings featured in “The Engaged Organization” and “Toward Engagement 2.0” and provides a quantitative understanding of the evolution of employee engagement. Click here to download this free report.

Focus on Food

Here's what's on Olive Garden's sustainability menu
By Mike Hower

Amid shareholder conflict and other turmoil, Darden Restaurants shows progress in reducing carbon emissions, energy and waste....Read More

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Smart Building Technology, it’s a no-brainer!

Heard the buzz about M2M Technology? Did you know that smart technology can be installed, tested and fine-tuned at a property in less than three months, and will generally produce energy cost savings to offset the entire cost of implementation within the first 12 to 18 months of operation! Learn more about how IntelliCommand Smart Building Technology is revolutionizing the way buildings are managed by providing 24/7 real-time monitoring and optimization of facilities.

White Papers

  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Rises to the Top in Transparency and Disclosure
  • The Role of Sustainability in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Getting Started with Building Energy Management
  • New Scope 2 Accounting Guidance: What it means for corporate decisions to purchase environmental instruments
  • Sustainability Reporting for Commercial Real Estate: GRESB
  • Sustainability & Employee Engagement
  • Energy Project Financing Cheat Sheet
  • Addressing Transparency Expectations in the Metals and Mining Sector
  • Essential Guide to Lighting Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Open Standards-Driven Wireless Building Energy Management
  • Mack Technologies Achieves Unprecedented Wireless Control
  • 14 Strategies to Save up to 70% in Energy Costs Using the Latest in Warehouse Lighting...and More
  • Turning Title 24 Regulations into Smart Savings
  • Unlocking ROI+: Understanding the Complete Return on Smart Building Investments
  • 5 Common Myths About Project Financing
  • Corporate Sustainability Practices: Waste & Recycling
  • Verifying Environmental Sustainability in the Electronics Marketplace
  • A Benchmark Study of Current Practices and Tools for Sustainability
  • How HP achieves leadership in sustainable product footprinting at a fraction of the cost
  • Increasing Transparency of Environment and Health Claims for Cleaning Products
  • Creating Healthier Furniture and Building Materials by Minimizing Chemical Emissions
  • Driving Performance and Transparency in Green Building Products
  • Transparency and the Role of Environmental Product Declarations
  • The Product Mindset
  • Can You Save Millions with Sustainable Packaging Design?
  • NAEM Trends Report: Planning for a Sustainable Future
  • Guide to Energy, Carbon and Sustainability Software
  • Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

  • October 02, 2014
    VC Taskforce: Energy Solutions VC Pitch
    Mon, Oct 6
    Palo Alto CA

    Obama's Climate Plan: State Action, Grassroots Opportunities
    Wed, Oct 8
    New York NY

    Southern California Energy Summit
    Thu, Oct 9 - Fri, Oct 10
    Palm Springs CA

    Silent Partners: Eco Home Renovations
    Wed, Oct 15

    BSR Conference 2014, "Transparency and Transformation"
    Tue, Nov 4 - Thu, Nov 6
    New York NY

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