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Careers in sustainability are now firmly planted in the mainstream.  The Greener Careers collection is chock-full of resources and tools to help you navigate this exciting sector. To see the latest in job listings, be sure to check out's green job board.

The chief executive of a leading supermarket has demanded the government tackle a lack of trained workers with green skills.

A study published during National Commute Smart Week finds that not only are Brits wasting huge amounts of time on their daily commutes, but that technology-assisted remote working plans can make businesses more productive.

Frances Beinecke's new book -- a straightforward, easy-to-read argument -- attempts to connect the climate issue to everyday concerns like jobs, the economy and national security.

Why is wind-power behemoth GE bothering to invest a relatively tiny amount of money in a small company that makes backyard wind turbines?

As Republican senators try to stall climate change legislation on grounds that it could harm the U.S. economy, a major study from three universities suggests a robust climate bill would do just the opposite and boost GDP by $111 billion by 2020.

With world leaders poised to begin climate talks, it's time to apply lessons learned locally to the global playing field. We need critical thinking and action by leaders who are willing to apply those local solutions to drive change at a global scale.

A study released on the eve of a national conference on green jobs says that emerging eco-friendly work must provide adequate pay and benefits -- or risk damaging efforts to restore the economy and strive for environmental sustainability.

Citing history as an example, Nick Ellis, managing partner of Bright Green Talent, notes that the world has given names to major forces of change even before they were fully understood or fully realized. Should the green jobs evolution, or revolution, be any different?

Given all the hype about green jobs -- particularly the rosy projections about the green jobs of tomorrow -- it's welcome news when a credible source puts some facts on the table. Would you care to guess how many green jobs there are in America?

Two new reports on the impacts of moving to a low-carbon economy show putting money toward energy efficiency, building retrofits and renewable energy projects can create 1.7 million new jobs, significantly more than the same investment in fossil fuel industries.