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Engaging Employees / Green Teams

Charting the engaged organization, from green teams, self-organized, grassroots efforts to formal, cross-functional employee organizations. In whatever form and by whatever names, employee engagement is a powerful tool for integrating environmental thinking into company operations. Created in partnership with the National Environmental Education Foundation.

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  • This report from the National Environmental Education Foundation offers case studies, best practices, next steps and resources for companies that want to boost employee engagement and save money through sustainability education.

  • 10 Best Practices for Building Green Teams and Green Impact have partnered to release a new report, "Green Teams: Engaging Employees in Sustainability," that includes 10 tips on how to support and guide Green Teams.

  • The latest in our series of GreenBiz Reports explores and outlines the 10 best practices for bringing all your employees on board with your company's sustainability projects.

  • This survey of more than 750 CEOs conducted by Accenture and the U.N. Global Compact explores to what extent companies are embracing green issues and preparing for a future where sustainability is central to business.

  • Earth911's primer on setting up a workplace recycling program covers all the basics that companies need to know and what questions they should be asking.

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NEEF Reports

  • Forges valuable partnerships among federal and state agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations through voluntary environmental initiatives.

  • A study by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) finds that environmental and sustainability (E&S) employee education and engagement initiatives help companies achieve a range of business objectives from attracting and retaining employees to boosting the bottom line.

  • The National Environmental Education Foundation is developing a program to help companies use employee education and engagement to align corporate environmental values and day-to-day operations while also improving their bottom line.

  • How are leading companies taking a strategic approach to employee engagement in corporate sustainability activities?

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