State of Green Business

The annual State of Green Business report provides a measure of the environmental impacts of the emerging green economy.

Our eighth annual assessment of the environmental performance of companies around the world is distressing, if not depressing.

At first glance it seems an impossible task to take on the hundreds or thousands of chemicals in your company's supply chain, but a number of companies have developed useful approaches to measuring and lowering their use of hazardous chemicals.

With a new-found awareness of the potential of energy efficiency, 2010 promises to be a year of action to green buildings. There are three key factors that get people to act: incentives, funding and solutions that are proven to work.

We know that recommendations coming from Copenhagen will likely take years to have practical effect. Meantime, companies are working to develop their roles in this new era. Shell's climate change advisor David Hone shares his ideas in this Q&A.

Founded three years ago, the Biomimicry Institute has developed a wide range of programs and activities to spread the word about biomimicry, advance research and education, and provide environments for collaboration.

T'is the season for making resolutions! In case you work for a company and have not made your sustainability resolution yet, maybe this will help.

For many years, the idea of sustainable consumption has been embraced by NGOs and others, but widely shunned by business. This is changing fast, and the signs of growing interest are coming from unlikely locations.

Where do 18- to 24-year-olds get their information on green products? The Internet, social media? Guess again.

What's in store for green business, building and sustainable sites in 2010? Here are my predictions for the year's emerging trends in retrofits, energy efficiency, alternative energy and more.

No matter how many environmental wins we achieve, the most important change possible is the one that is hardest for businesses and mainstream environmental groups to embrace: Consuming less is the only solution.