Accelerating sustainability solutions in an interconnected world. Highlights from 2015 VERGE San Jose along with ongoing coverage of VERGE topics.

At VERGE 2015, a group of scientists and entrepreneurs talked about the innovation opportunities in carbon removal.
Amid all of the heavy talk about innovating to better the world through technology, some strange stuff happened at VERGE 2015.
Twitter's co-founder, CEO of the ideas platform Medium, gravitates to scalable ideas that could have a planetary impact.
As the cost of solar goes down and the capacity of energy storage goes up, microgrids are challenging the traditional utility model, which some utilities see as an opportunity.
Cracking the code of energy storage is essential. A new event will explore the state of the technology — and policies to bring it to life.
Twelve companies had 2.5 minutes each to pitch their innovations. Here's what they proposed, including an "Internet of cows."
Even as more companies work to reduce emissions and use renewables, they haven't demanded action in Washington.
More data points exist than we can count. The more people can see data, the more people can use it to solve the world's biggest problems.
SunPower hopes its turnkey commercial solar product will reduce installation bottlenecks. Bed Bath & Beyond is an early customer.
How can cities move from "talk to walk” and scale up resilience projects? Business and government leaders shared lessons at the VERGE City Summit.