Sustainability's next tipping point. Interconnected technologies for energy, buildings and transportation enable radical efficiencies and huge opportunities.

No single source is a magic bullet, but a patchwork may be the answer, said leaders of this bold effort at VERGE.

"Tweet, tweet." Or, "Chirp, chirp?" Chocolate-covered crickets, a sneak at Apple's "spaceship" and slam poetry. Yes, this event means business.
The word from the tweets spoke of makers and microgrids, of Big Data and biomimicry, of carbon and car-sharing.

It's the biology, stupid! Why improving the soil and supporting farm ecosystems are critical to address water scarcity and feed a growing population.

A bird-safe wind device, a stick-on electric meter and a tree-like solar charging station were among 12 products in the spotlight.

The convergence of nature and technology can allow humans to reassemble what was scattered by the Industrial Revolution, say experts.