What happens when four massive technologies (energy, information, buildings, and transportation) collide? An unprecedented opportunity for business and sustainability? We call it VERGE. Check out VERGE news, insights, and events highlights below.

IBM's Dave Bartlett dishes on his efforts with the company's Smarter Planet campaign and why he is so optimistic about his work.

"Tweet, tweet." Or, "Chirp, chirp?" Chocolate-covered crickets, a sneak at Apple's "spaceship" and slam poetry. Yes, this event means business.

Apple's VP of Environmental Initiatives hopes she has inspired home runs, starting with renewable energy.

There’s an epic struggle taking place between distributed energy resources and the centralized power grid.

The convergence of nature and technology can allow humans to reassemble what was scattered by the Industrial Revolution, say experts.

Big Data, intelligent networks and green infrastructure are only a few ingredients of smarter cities. Here's how to get cooking.

An organic seed-saving veteran calls for involving farmers in local innovation.

Stationary battery storage is emerging as ‘phenomenal opportunity’ and a fundamental challenge.

Microgrids are the solution to grid-security threats, says former top U.S. energy regulator Wellinghoff.

How can we run the industrial age backwards? Chatter on Twitter touched on taking action on core conference themes.