DETROIT, Mich. — General Motors launched a blog Thursday that will highlight next-generation technologies and environment-related discussion.

The move to launch marks the company's 100th anniversary and is intended as a forum for consumers and employees to talk about the future of personal transportation. Look for much fanfare about its new technologies, such as its plug-in and two-mode hybrids.

"We're starting our second century at a time of fundamental change in the auto industry," said GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner. "We'll use GMnext to introduce some of our ideas for addressing critical issues concerning energy, the environment and globalization. In the process, we also hope to spark a broader, global discussion on these important topics."

The blog was inspired by the company's FastLane blog, which was used in part to express its viewpoints. Current blog entries include authors from public agencies discussing how various technologies have impacted their operations.