NORWALK, United States — Xerox is rolling out a new tool to help companies calculate and reduce the environmental impact of their printers and copiers. The Sustainability Calculator adds to the company's Office Services, which focus on optimizing office processes.

Office Services workers help companies reduce their printers, copiers and multifunction devices as well as fully utilize energy efficient practices, said Patty Calkins, vice president of environment, health and safety for Xerox. The Sustainability Calculator was born out of customers asking for a way to find out the environmental benefits of their actions, in addition to the financial benefits they were already seeing, she said.

After users plug in information about their equipment and estimates of their monthly print volume, the Sustainability Calculator figures out the environmental impact in terms of energy, solid waste, water and greenhouse gas emissions. Office Services workers can assist with figuring out a desired impact and decide from there what can be done. "A typical organization's print devices are only utilized 1-2 percent of the time," Calkins said. Big savings are possible through consolidating equipment and switching to double-sided printing or different paper. In figuring out the reduced impact, the calculator takes into account all of the equipment and consumables, including paper and ink.

Xerox has designed two versions of the Sustainability Calculator. The complete version is designed for medium-to-large business, and Office Services assists in inventorying equipment and running the numbers. A scaled-down version for smaller businesses or anyone else is available on Xerox's website.

Xerox has been testing the Sustainability Calculator with companies around the world before the final rollout. One sector in defense and technology company Northrop Grumman found that by consolidating from more than 2,000 devices to less than 1,100, it cut its energy use by 27 percent, greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent and solid waste production by 33 percent.

"Northrop Grumman is developing a variety of strategies to reduce our company's environmental impact," Kraig Scheyer, vice president of administrative services for Northrop Grumman, said in a statement. "Xerox's Sustainability Calculator has been helping us in the area of office equipment to measure how far we've come, where we are today and where we need to focus our efforts in the future."