SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Pharmacy retailer CVS Caremark plans to phase out toxic chemicals from its house-branded products in favor of safer alternatives.

The company detailed the new policy in its first Corporate Social Responsibility report that was released earlier this week. The policy was formally adopted earlier this year.

CVS Caremark said it would evaluate its brand and private label products based on the latest research findings, and would replace questionable ingredients when safer alternatives are available.

In its report, the company also offered a snapshot into its efforts to reduce energy consumption and make its operations more efficient. For instance, the CVS Caremark will green its data centers by replace computer room HVAC units, install energy management systems to turn off unused lights and swap older servers for newer technologies with more efficient power supplies.

CVS Caremark has worked to reduce unnecessary packaging for products shipped to distributors, such as the replacement of corrugated shipping boxes with plastic shipping totes. Its recycling efforts have allowed the company to recycle more than 78,000 tons of paper and cardboard.

The company streamlined its transportation and logistics network to drive overall fuel mileage efficiency by 11.2 percent. A lighting retrofit at two distribution centers will save the company about $128,000 each year in energy costs.

Looking ahead, the company plans to further integrate LEED and ENERGY STAR principles into its construction projects, streamline operations at its data centers and evaluate its carbon footprint impact with assistance of the MIT Center for Transportation.