MILFORD, N.H. — Hendrix Wire & Cable has started a recycling program for its power wire insulators made out of recyclable plastic. The company uses HDPE, plastic indentified by the number 2, to make its HPI insulators, which are typically made of porcelain.

The company is accepting the insulators through the mail, and will send them to a recycler in Indiana that it already utilizes for recycling metal, plastic and heavy cardboard. The insulators are made with industrial HDPE, making them much thicker and bulkier than other HDPE products like milk bottles.

Hendrix Wire & Cable is also encouraging customers to recycle the insulators through their own local recyclers, but companies should inquire first to find out if they recycle industrial HDPE.

The recycler Hendrix uses turns the recycled HDPE into new products like plastic fencing and benches.

Plastic insulators - courtesy Hendrix Wire & Cable