Sustainability consultants the Leonardo Institute this week announced that they have selected members of a committee to develop green guidelines for slot machines as part of a larger Sustainable Gaming Standard.

The standard aims to explore the entire gaming supply chain, looking at construction, operation and disposal of gaming machines. Among the key elements to be explored for the standard are energy use, emissions reductions and the use of more environmentally sustainable materials in the construction of machines.

"The goal of this standard is to aid the gaming industry in identifying and communicating the sustainability parameters of their products and services and to allow industry purchasers to identify their sustainability preferences when purchasing gaming equipment and services," Michael Arny, president of Leonardo Academy, said in a statement. "Leonardo Academy is extremely happy with the quality and variety of applications submitted. All of the applicants are very well experienced and proficient in the necessary fields of experience."

The first meeting of the Sustainable Gaming Standards Committee will be held via teleconference on Friday, April 4; the Leonardo Academy expects to have a final draft standard to present for comments in October of this year.