PHOENIX, AZ — The parent company of the Discount Cab firm, the largest taxi service in the Phoenix area, has installed a $750,000 solar power system at its headquarters to ease the site's draw from the grid.

The 400-panel system at Total Transit Inc. in Glendale, Ariz., is owned and operated by PerfectPower Inc.

The array is expected to generate enough energy to meet all of Total Transit's electricity needs in the winter and the majority of it in the summer.

With the solar power system, Total Transit expects to avoid 377 tons of emissions per year, an amount that's roughly equivalent to having 9,700 trees absorb the CO2 gases, the firm said.

Discount Cab's operations include a green fleet. It was launched in April 2008 with the first 20 of what company owners envisioned as a 200-unit fleet of hybrid taxis.

Image courtesy of Total Transit Inc., Discount Cab.