Building Products Search Tool Highlights Cradle-to-Cradle Items

CHARLESTON, SC — GreenWizard is making it easier for architects and others working on green buildings to find Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) certified products.

The company's online search system is designed to help architects, engineers and contractors look for and compare products with environmentally-friendly attributes. Users can narrow searches to only products that meet certain certifications, like Green Seal, Eco Logo and Forest Stewardship Council. Now, they can also look just for C2C certified products.

Developed by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), C2C certification is granted to products based on their material health and reuse or recycling options, as well as a company's renewable energy use, water use and social responsibility.

Currently, more than 100 manufacturers make C2C certified products that could be used in building construction and maintenance. Within GreenWizard's program, products will carry information on their C2C certification as well as how many LEED points they could help contribute to a project.

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