Two Years After Baby Bottle Ban, Canada to Label BPA Toxic

OTTAWA, ON — Two years after targeting bisphenol A (BPA) by banning baby bottles that contain the estrogen-mimicking chemical, Canada will soon officially declare BPA as toxic.

A recent study found BPA, which lab tests have linked to a range of developmental and reproductive problems as well as obesity and cancer, in 91 percent of Canadians, with highest concentrations found in teens.

In April 2008, Health Canada set about labeling BPA a dangerous substance, laying the groundwork for adding it to the country's Schedule 1 list of toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act of 1999.

In July last year, the American Chemistry Council filed a formal notice of objection to the plan, but Environment Canada rejected that objection last month, stating that the ACC didn't bring forth any new scientific data on BPA that would change its decision.

Now, Environment Canada plans to list BPA as toxic within the next eight-10 weeks.

Baby bottles - CC license by Flickr user basykes