Marks & Spencer Recycling Reaches 92% as Firm Tackles Green Goals

Marks & Spencer reports making major strides toward its green goals and says it has already achieved 70 of 180 objectives contained in the sustainability agenda the U.K.-based retailer calls Plan A.

Accomplishments listed in the company's latest account of its Plan A efforts include achieving a 92 percent recycling rate for operational waste in the chain's stores, administrative offices and distribution centers in the United Kingdom.

M&S launched Plan A in 2007, expanded the 100-point list of sustainability commitments to 180 objectives last March and issued a three-year progress report this past June. The update released Friday, which the company is calling a half-year report, charts progress in recent months. For example, the current recycling rate is an improvement of 39 percentage points compared to the 53 percent recycling rate reported in June. Marks and & Spencer is aiming for zero waste by 2012.

Marks & Spencer is among the global retailers that have set ambitious environmental goals and has declared it intends to become "the world's most sustainable major retailer by 2015"  by achieving all its Plan A commitments. The chain has edged ahead of U.K. giant Tesco and Walmart, the world's largest retailer, in sustainability and environmental performance, according to the report "Retail: A Sustainability Benchmark," which was released last spring by Five Winds International and

Charts excerpted from the report "Retail: A Sustainability Benchmark."

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