Hasbro Aims for 75% Recycled Packaging in 2011

PAWTUCKET, RI — Toy and board game maker Hasbro will increase the recycled content of its packaging and paper materials over the coming years, and will hire a new  director to develop and monitor sustainability initiatives.

Hasbro (NYSE: HAS), which creates Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel and G.I. Joe toys, is aiming to have 75 percent of its paperboard packaging, by weight, be made of recycled material or come from sustainably-managed sources in 2011.

"We expect that in reaching our 75 percent goal the bulk of the paperboard material will be recycled," said Hasbro spokesperson Gary Serby. "We are still examining possible options with regard to sourcing sustainable nonrecycled paperboard products."

By 2015, Hasbro plans to bring the amount of recycled or sustainable content in paperboard packaging up to 90 percent, and it's also including all of the paperboard materials inside of board games like Trivial Pursuit, Clue and Risk in that goal.

Additionally, Hasbro will start replacing all of the wire ties that are used to secure toys in place with paper rattan and other materials. The company says it will also try to extend the changes it's making to its own packaging to others they have licensing agreements with.

To oversee and guide all of these efforts, Hasbro created a new position, the director of product and packaging sustainability. Serby said that director will develop, implement and monitor sustainability initiatives., and it will report to Hasbro's global chief development officer.

G.I. Joe toys - CC license by Flickr user Lunchbox Photography