USPS Green Team Projects Rake in $27M

WASHINGTON, DC —  The United States Postal Service's 80 green teams accounted for $27 million in savings and revenue last year.

Created to help the USPS achieve energy and resource reduction goals, the Lean Green Teams focus on setting up low-cost or no-cost environmental practices.

Reductions in energy, water, waste and fuel use added up to $5 million, and an additional $9.1 million savings came from avoided landfill fees.

That $9.1 million came from sending more waste to be recycled instead of the trash, and the 222,000 tons of material (8,000 tons more than from 2009) that was recycled also netted the USPS $13 million in revenue.

The USPS is working to reduce facility energy by 30 percent, water by 10 percent, petroleum fuel by 20 percent and landfill waste by 50 percent, all by 2015. It's also aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

In mid-2010, the USPS was already two-thirds of the way to its facility energy goal thanks to the installation of green roofs and energy management systems that also saved $400 million from 2007-2010.

While there are only 80 Lean Green Teams now, the USPS plans to have teams in all USPS districts and network distribution centers next year.

USPS trucks - CC license by Number Six (bill lapp) (Flickr)