Compostable Sun Chips Bags Get a Second, Quieter Chance

PLANO, TX —  Frito-Lay's Sun Chips have a brand new bag now that the company redesigned the snack's compostable packaging to be quieter.

The company's bold foray into compostable packaging in 2009, the first of its kind among major U.S. snack makers, was brought to a halt last year by consumer complaints that the bags were simply too loud.

Frito-Lay attributed the noise to the compostable materials in the bags, but the backlash was so strong, Sun Chips switched back to non-compostable bags for all but its original flavor.

Since it pulled the compostable bags in October last year, the company, and its owner, PepsiCo, searched for a quieter bag, reports The Associated Press.

The solution came from using a different adhesive to hold together layers in the bag, acting as a buffer and making the packaging again as quiet as most chip bags.

The new, quieter bags are being used with original flavor Sun Chips, and the company will use customer feedback to determine if it will stick with the bags or not.


Sun Chips bag - CC license by cdedbdme (Flickr)