Sodexo Commits to 100% Sustainable Seafood by 2015

GAITHERSBURG, MD —  Sodexo has made a second change to its sustainable seafood plan, now aiming to have all of the fresh and frozen seafood it serves carry a sustainable label.

By 2015, the food service giant wants to have all of the seafood it gets from its contracted seafood vendors to meet Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) requirements.

In September 2009, Sodexo announced plans to source all of its wild-caught seafood from sustainable fisheries by 2015.

Then later that year it revealed its Better Tomorrow Plan, a set of 14 goals related to the environment, health and communities that bumped the company's seafood goal up to having the majority of all of its seafood certified sustainable.

The company currently gets about 42 percent of its seafood from certified sources. It will work with the MSC and Global Aquaculture Alliance to determine the sustainability of the rest of its seafood purchases and set goal with its vendors to convert to sustainable practices or more-sustainable fish.

Other groups and companies working on Sodexo's sustainable seafood initiative include NSF Surefish, which will provide third-party MSC and BAP certification, CleanFish, which will promote sustainable seafood choices; and Koch Foods, which will train and educate Sodexo's customers and brokers about the program.

Fish - CC license by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden (Flickr)