HP-Hara Partnership Turns Up Heat in Carbon Management Market

PALO ALTO, CA — The already-busy market for enterprise carbon and energy management (ECEM) software is getting a little bit busier today, as Hewlett-Packard announces a new suite of services and software that will help large enterprises get a hold on their environmental impacts and develop a plan for reducing them.

HP's Energy and Sustainability Management (ESM) suite harnesses the company's own experience in implementing sustainability efforts

"This is a strategic imperative to help companies go from a fragmented approach to energy and make it integrated," Jay Allardyce, HP's Worldwide Director of  Growth Initiatives, Energy and Sustainability Management, said in an interview. "Historically, organizations have looked at energy efficiency, sustainability, and the environment as individual programs, as ways of managing the information set relative to energy. But as you start to string these fragmented view together, you get an integrated view that can be transformational in an organization."

To that end, HP has created a three-phase approach that makes the most of HP's in-house expertise as well as bringing in trusted partners.

The first phase is a strategic consulting service, focused on getting senior management on the same page in terms of opportunities for increased sustainability. HP has developed an "Energy and Sustainability Discovery Workshop," to help business leaders set goals and strategic objectives for sustainability initiatives. After taking part in the discovery workshop, HP will help customers create a sustainability roadmap to achieve those goals.

Phase two of the ESM offering is the development of what Allardyce called a "partner ecosystem," which will build on what HP has conceived as a consulting-focused program that will bring in the best and brightest among HP's own staff and carefully chosen partners to help companies achieve their goals.

The first partner in this ecosystem is Hara, a well established company in the ECEM field, and one that stands to get quite a boost from its partnership with HP.

"HP's entrance into this market validates the growing need at large companies for better products and services to manage and reduce carbon and energy," said Paul Baier, the Vice President of Sustainability Consulting at Groom Energy and a senior contributor to GreenBiz.com. "Smaller companies like Hara and ENXSuite have seen this opportunity and now large companies like HP are investing as well"

Where the first phase applies HP's organizational and leadership skills to corporate sustainability, and the second phase harnesses the power of its partnerships across industries, the third and final phase puts HP's technical experience to work.