Two-Thirds of Americans Support Phaseout of Inefficient Lighting

A majority of Americans believe that doing away with traditional incandescent lightbulbs is a good idea, despite a campaign to roll back government policy for the upcoming phaseout of inefficient bulbs, research shows.

The finding was one of several surprises in results released yesterday by EcoAlign, which conducted online interviews of 1,000 Americans last month. The study -- the tenth EcoPinion survey by the strategic marketing agency -- focused on consumer perceptions and expectations of energy efficiency lighting.

"We expected to find some traction and greater market penetration for more energy efficient lighting; yet the findings point to much greater levels of support for energy efficient lighting than originally anticipated," said EcoAlign CEO Jamie Wimberly in the report entitled "Lighting the Path Forward for Greater Energy Efficiency."

"Americans really like CFLs," Wimberly wrote. "We also expected that LEDs would hardly be registering ... yet the findings show that consumers are ahead of expert opinion in many ways for LEDs."

Other key findings detailed in the report include:

  • A majority of respondents said they installed energy efficient lighting in their homes in the past year. Two-thirds said they installed CFLs, and 27 percent said  they installed an LED fixture for general lighting.
  • Americans are "receptive to and highly satisfied" with energy efficient lighting options including CFLs and LEDs. Two‐thirds of the respondents gave CFL bulbs a "top‐three box" overall performance rating and more than half the respondents gave their highest ratings to LEDs.

"This is not the first EcoPinion survey, so all this accumulated data and facts continue to come in despite a drumbeat against energy efficiency standards, " Wimberly told and