IT Industry Gets a D+ for Green Policy, Labor Practices

With the exception of Ricoh, Intel and Motorola Mobility, the IT industry earns dismal grades when it comes to sustainability and social practices, averaging about a D+, Oekom Research AG says in a new report.

Office equipment maker Ricoh of Japan and chip producer Intel in the U.S. each earned a B+, the highest grade, and cell phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility earned a B, in Oekom's analysis.

Oekom, a ratings firm that specializes in sustainable investment, looked at 205 companies in its review. Here's a chart showing the range of grades earned:

Oekom's summary of its analysis didn't disclose the grades earned by other firms, but it did provide a snapshot of certain findings. For example, the review considered whether firms incorporate used equipment and recycled material into new products and rated the companies on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the best score.

Ricoh again rose to the top of the list, along with Konica Minolta and NEC, each scoring 100. Hewlett-Packard received a score of 50; Apple 0. Here is a chart showing a sampling of the scores:

Oekom also examined working conditions in the supply chain for the IT industry as more manufacturers are outsourcing production to meet the challenges of increasing competition, burgeoning demand for consumer electronics, and pressure to drive down costs.

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