New report highlights ESG reporting in emerging markets

The Emerging Markets Disclosure Project (EMDP) of US SIF (The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment) announced this week the publication of a report on the progress made in encouraging improved environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reporting by companies during the past four years.

The EMDP report's conclusions concur with those of EIRIS, both determining that considerable improvements have been made in at least some emerging markets. Last week, SocialFunds reported on a new survey of emerging markets investment by EIRIS, which found both increased investor confidence and persistent concerns over the quality of corporate attention to ESG issues.

In both reports, Brazil and South Africa have taken leading roles, in large part due to sustainable stock exchanges that require listed companies to issue sustainability reports.

"While many emerging market companies report some kind of ESG information, few use international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative's guidelines, issue comparable, year-on-year metrics, or offer in-depth, useful information on sustainability risks such as climate change, water use and human rights," EMDP noted. 

Even though problems in corporate reporting persist, awareness of the issue has grown since EMDP was launched in 2008.

"When the project started, global providers of ESG data largely did not offer information about companies listed in emerging markets, and research organizations generally did not have the capacity to deliver these types of services to investors, at least not on a global scale that offered comparability between markets," according to the report.

EMDP teams in four countries -- Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and South Korea -- collaborated with local partners and engaged with companies to improve their understanding of the importance of sustainability reporting.

"Companies responded positively to suggestions from EMDP participants once they had a better understanding of how sustainability information could drive corporate performance and attract investors," the report found.

Companies initially resistant to engaging on sustainability measures were much more likely to do so when notified that industry peers were reporting on them. 

Image of charts and graphs provided by Sergej Khakimullin via Shutterstock.

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