Next in line for certification: The world's cities

There are certifications for green buildings and green neighborhoods under LEED, and a new certification for built landscapes, but until now there's been no way to certify a city's efforts toward sustainability.

The "City Protocol," planned for launch early next year, already has 30 cities and universities across the world signed on. It will be managed by a newly formed organization, the City Protocol Society.

Its purpose is to form a trusted network of cities that can help each other move forward using "curated guidance so they do not have to navigate this journey alone," says the website. The community will be able to leverage the knowledge gained from city transformations worldwide.

Partner Cisco Systems' Smart+Connected Communities platform will form the basis for collaboration, and from it cities can develop common approaches and solutions to quickly advance sustainability agendas.

The City Protocol certification will recognize best practices in urban transportation, energy efficiency, water management and green buildings.

Here's an example of the indicators of a Smart City, developed by Boyd Cohen, LEED AP and climate strategist:

Image of a smart city provided by Georgejmclittle via Shutterstock.

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