Shareowners pressure companies on renewables and efficiency

Shareowners working with Ceres have filed 91 resolutions addressing climate and sustainability risks with 78 companies this proxy season. Thirteen of those resolutions focus on the sourcing of renewable energy and improved energy efficiency.

According to a report in December by Ceres, Calvert Investments and the World Wildlife Fund, more than half of the 173 companies listed in the Fortune 100 and Global 100 have established goals for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, only 24 companies have set specific goals for renewable energy use.

Resolutions filed this year by Green Century Capital Management and the California State Teachers' Retirement System address renewable energy and energy efficiency in the information technology sector. As the energy demands of the IT sector increase, the sources of that energy will become a more important component in the battle against climate change.

Green Century has withdrawn the resolution it filed with IBM after the computer giant responded with further information on its policies. "Energy use is a key concern for many firms in the IT sector," said Leslie Samuelrich of Green Century. "We are pleased to see IBM commit to a rigorous approach to sourcing clean energy, which will help to reduce its greenhouse emissions."

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