Could a fuel cell power your smartphone?

Could the days of sending a final, frantic text with the words "on my way, about to run out of battery" be about to come to an end?

That is the hope of telecom giant Cable & Wireless and U.K.-based fuel cell developer Intelligent Energy, which used this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to announce they are working together on a pilot project that could see mobile phone batteries replaced with cleaner and longer-lasting fuel cells.

The two companies confirmed they will collaborate on a "user trial" of a new portable power device designed by Intelligent Energy, which will see the microfuel cell technology tested by Cable & Wireless Communications' Channel Island-based Sure mobile phone network.

The companies provided few details on the nature of the trial and a spokesman for Intelligent Energy refused to be drawn on how the technology will work, how the pilot will be undertaken or how much will be invested in the project.

Next step: How serious are they?