Website: International Program on Chemical Safety

Hazardous chemicals exist in the most ubiquitous of consumer products; find out how to protect employees from toxic-chemical exposure with this International Program on Chemical Safety Web site. A cooperative venture of the World Health Organization, the International Labour Organisation, and the United Nations Environment Program, the Web site provides workplace managers, decision-makers, regulators, and homeowners alike with international assessments of chemical risks to health and the environment. Access the World Health Organization’s “Health and Safety Guide” in order to: identify chemicals in the workplace and the environment; assess exposure and toxicity risks; improve chemical safety; and learn about storage, spillage, and disposal of chemicals.

A semi-annually updated CD-ROM containing documents on issues related to the safe use of chemicals -- including environmental-health criteria, health and safety guides, and pesticide data sheets -- is available for annual subscription rates ranging from $500 to $2,500.